Custom Home Builder South Padre Island

All You Need to Know About Coastal Home Builders

When you hire a builder to construct your dream home, the only concern you should have is how to decorate and furnish it. The details of the environmental footprint, your home construction, builder experience, and knowledge should never be a concern or in question. You want a home that is built to your specifications, in your style, and within your budget. You also want a company that has full knowledge of the coastal region and its humidity and foundation factors. You want a credited and knowledgeable company. You want Gold Star Construction. While many companies can construct a house, few will do it correctly. No matter your budget, your home should be built with the quality needed to last through many generations.

Energy Star Builder

Gold Star Construction was the first builder in the Rio Grand Valley area to obtain the Energy Star rating. This valuable accreditation shows their dedication to conservation and energy efficiency. An energy efficient certified home is a well-built home from the ground up. These homes are built with a better overall design than the standard, newly constructed residence. They are designed from the ground up to conserve both energy and resources. In addition to these money-saving features, these homes also qualify for numerous discounts and rebates.

3D Home Design

Not everybody is able to visualize a home from a detailed two-dimensional drawing. This is why Gold Star Construction is proud to use their state of the art 3D technology. This helps home owners to accurately visualise their new home in its entirety. This software shows exactly where you want that sink or that doorway in comparison to the rest of a hallway or room. Being able to see your home from the floors to the cabinets helps put your project into perfect perception. You will know exactly what is being built, and that it is built exactly as you would like it.

Superior Renovations

Not everybody who is looking for a change is looking for a new home. Gold Star Construction is also a leader in renovations. Whether it is a large-scale basement renovation or a simple closet updating project, this company carries the knowledge and experience you are looking for. They understand that even the simplest renovations can bring about the largest change. A new look can be all it takes to create an updated home.
While they are known for their elaborate and large-scale custom homes, no job is too small for Gold Star Construction. What began as a single man operation materialized into a family business in carrying on the father and cofounder’s legacy. This is a company that understands the coastal area and the challenges it brings. This is also a company that understands that customers are families, too. Each custom build is done to the specifications of the customer, all while still maintaining the standards needed for a high-quality home. If you want a home that will conserve and save while lasting through your family’s generations, this company is the company that you are looking for.